About us

About us


A global communication platform of the Circular Bioeconomy - gathering prominent stakeholders in the Circular Bioeconomy for round table talks in Ruka, Finland


Walking the talk – showcasing biodiversity in practice, with different views on bioeconomy, forestry and versatile interest groups.


The Bioeconomy in action: Ruka is cited in the heart of Boreal area next to Russia and is an example of a flourishing Bioeconomy. It offers a thriving community committed to ensuring the success of the event and a luxurious resort where delegates can relax


A chance to shape the future of the evolving Bioeconomy: the opportunity to work together now and take actions to set a wider example on how to deliver a sustainable future

Advisory Board

Comprising bio think tanks, bio and forest industry and regulators who will frame the debate and ensure an insightful dialog between audience and panellists

Target audience

Bioeconomy stakeholders: Policy makers, Bio-based industries, Forest industry, Chemical industry, Associations, Institutes