Marketing Register

Marketing Register

The Registry Holder

World Circular Bioeconomy Forum Ltd

Business ID 2322160-7

Uusikatu 24 G 70 

90100 Oulu, Finland


Contact person
Anna Nikkilä Tel. +35840 7180706 info(at)

Registry Name

World Circular Bioeconomy Forum Marketing Register

Purpose of the Register


The information in the Marketing Register is used for World Circular Bioeconomy Forum Ltd's press releases, newsletters, and organizing of events.

Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of handling personal data is to communicate with partners and stakeholders and to organize events. In the case of commercial events organized by the registry holder, the information is handled to manage invoicing and other accounting related issues. Information will not be used for automated decision making or profiling.

Data content of the register

The marketing register contains the contact's name, organization and email address.


For specific events, additional information can be gathered from the participants. This additional information includes information on participant’s food allergies and other essential information to ensure the organizing of the events (e.g. which parts of the program the participant wants to attend).

Regular sources of information from the customer register

The marketing register is supplemented by contact details of the partners and stakeholders via World Circular Bioeconomy Forum Ltd, the newsletter subscribers when providing contact information, and via registration to events held by World Circular Bioeconomy Forum Ltd.

Ordinary transfer of information

World Circular Bioeconomy Forum Ltd will not disclose information about the Marketing Register to third parties unless given event-specific permission to do so by the individual information owners during the registration process. Information may be disclosed to the authorities based on applicable laws.

Transfer of data outside EU or EEA

Data will not be transferred outside EU or EEA.

Principles of Register Protection

The Marketing Register information is kept confidential electronically. Event-specific name lists showing the names, companies, and email addresses of the participants of said event can be printed and distributed to the other participants if permission is given by the information owners.

Right to inspect and demand correction

A person has the right to check his / her own data and request a correction or ask for data removal from the marketing register. A check request or a request to delete data from the marketing register shall be sent via email to info(at) Check requests and requests for deletion will be processed without delay.

Other Personal Data Processing Rights

You can at any time prohibit marketing material by e-mail to info(at)