Bioeconomy experts discuss World BioEconomy Forum


Bioeconomy experts discuss World BioEconomy Forum

Waldemar Kütt and Dr. Christian Patermann give their comments on why World BioEconomy Forum presents a unique chance to affect the future of bioeconomy.

Oulu, Finland, June 15 (Press Release) – The very first World Bioeconomy Forum (WBEF) will be held in Ruka, Finland, September 11-13this year. The event will bring together renowned experts on the bioeconomy from around the world to discuss the latest topics and trends in what is becoming an increasingly important business segment in economic, financial and industrial landscapes.

The Ruka Conference Center has been chosen as the venue for the event as it is the perfect setting in the middle of pristine wilderness in the north of Finland. In less that 40 years Finland has doubled its forest growth and is today at a level of 110 million m3 of growth per year of which only 60% is utilised. This makes it a very attractive nation for the setting up of new biorefineries and pursuing new and innovative ideas for bioproducts and solutions that help mitigate climate change.  

Jukka Kantola, chairman of the Advisory Board of World Bioeconomy Forum and the founder of the event, says, “All areas of bioeconomy around the world are evolving fast and we needed an event that would bring think tanks, experts and important partners all together under one roof. The World Bioeconomy Forum in Ruka will do just that.”

The event has already attracted a number of high profile speakers and delegates including Waldemar Kütt, Head of Unit D RTD FI Bioeconomy Strategy, EU Commission. Kütt says, “By bringing together the different actors, stakeholders and policy makers from the bioeconomy at Ruka, we can strengthen our vision and exchange best practice to move the bioeconomy in Europe further.”

Another speaker at the event is Dr. Christian Patermann, a well-known bioeconomy advocator, and former Director at the EU. Patermann says, “We need to develop a corporate identity for the bioeconomy as a community ­– something that is recognised globally. Ruka will be the ideal place to create an informal infrastructure where we can meet and exchange views but most importantly deliver a solution for a bioeconomic vision.”

The WBEF timely coincides with the EU’s latest bioeconomy strategy update in September, and will offer an opportunity to discuss its ramifications in depth with relevant experts in several panel sessions covering the following themes:

  • Evolving bio-strategies
  • Forests’ role in mitigating climate change
  • Evolving value chains based on bio-feedstocks
  • Circular Bioeconomy – minimising losses
  • In the middle of the forest – tourism and forest industry coexist

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