The Bioeconomy Celebrates Nature


The Bioeconomy Celebrates Nature

Inaugural World BioEconomy Forum at Finland's Ruka Resort

Bringing professionals from the leading edge of the bioeconomy face to face with one of the world's unique areas of outstanding natural beauty, complete with biodiverse forests. World BioEconomy Forum will gather together companies, think tanks, regulators and other bioeconomy stakeholders in this famous northern location 11-13 September 2018.

The organisers are delighted to work closely with the Ruka holiday resort and town of Kuusamo to bring a high profile bioeconomy event to this amazing northern environment. Most industry conferences and high level forums take place in major urban hubs, but it seems logical that the bioeconomy movers and shakers should at least occasionally take a different approach.

The Ruka Forum will coincide ideally with the EU's latest bioeconomy strategy update, and thus offers an opportunity to discuss its ramifications in depth with relevant experts in several panel sessions featuring internationally renowned experts.

WCBEF seeks to inspire public and private sector bioeconomy stakeholders to explore innovative ways of harnessing the unique bio-resources of Europe's northern region in pursuit of a sustainable and economically meaningful northern bioeconomy.

Finnish Member of Parliament Ville Skinnari: "Our aim is to set a new tone for the discussion about what is really meant by economy and bioeconomy, and how they can add value for the future. We believe that the Ruka Forum will provide a great opportunity for the forest industry to enhance the dialogue with international level experts and decision makers. It is important that we get together and formulate a joint vision of the future."

Fellow Member of Parliament Harri Jaskari: "Finland is a forerunner in bioeconomy and circular economy innovation. We use our forests in a sustainable way, and creating more and more advanced bio-products that can replace fossil-based materials. An ever-growing share of our energy is based on renewable sources. Global climate challenges are taken seriously in Finland, and carbon neutrality is a set as target for the entire society. It is vital that we engage in an urgent international dialog about how new innovations can meet global challenges."

Chairman of the WCBEF Advisory Board, Jukka Kantola: "The region on each side of the Arctic Circle contains ecosystems that are sensitive, but also full of resources. Using these resources creatively and responsibly is the key to the region's prosperity. There can be no place better suited to explore the vital, but often sensitive, relationships and that exist between nature and the bioeconomy than Ruka!"

The Ruka process will seek to create a roadmap for rejuvenating the regional economy through varied and groundbreaking ways of advancing the bioeconomy on local terms while fully connected to the global markets for bioproducts.

Not only will the Ruka setting provide inspiration and pleasure for conference participants, the journey there and back offers an excellent opportunity to get to know other parts of northern Europe. Several ancillary events are also being planned around the Ruka dates.

More information

Ville Skinnari, Member of the Finnish Parliament, Vice Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Member of the Parliamentary Commerce Committee, +358 40 504 8187

Harri Jaskari, Member of the Finnish Parliament, National Coalition Party Vice Chairman of the Parliamentary Commerce Committee, +358 50 5122 874

Jukka Kantola, Chairman of World BioEconomy Forum Advisory Board, +358 40 552 8880