How to get there

How to get there

Kuusamo airport is located 30 minutes away from the venue, and flights there are operated by Finnair.

Alternatively, Oulu airport and Rovaniemi airport are both located approximately 3 hours away from Ruka, and flights to both are operated by Finnair and Norwegian.



Ruka area offers several great options for accommodation, from hotel rooms to private cabins. Below are some of the accommodation options available in the area.

Hotel Scandic Rukahovi

Connected to the event venue, hotel Scandic Rukahovi is very convenient for the conference visitors. Check the prices at their website, or make a reservation there with the event code for fixed prices.

Use the event code BBIO090920 for the following prices:

Superior 125 € (1 person) / 145 € (2 people)

Superior Best View 135 € / 155 €

Superior with sauna 145 € / 165 €

Junior suite 145 € / 165 €

Hotel Arctic Zone

Located right next to the event venue, hotel Arctic Zone is a very easy accommodation option for the duration of the event. Check availability and book a room at their website.

Ruka Salonki & Villa Veskaranta

Ruka Salonki & Villa Veskaranta offer lakeside cabins and villas 3 km from the event venue. Participants of World BioEconomy Forum 2020 get 15 % off standard cabin prices, and 20 % off superior cabin and villa prices. Availability and booking via email (