World BioEconomy Forum Venues

World BioEconomy Forum Venues

Ruka Conference Center

Splendid conference center at Ruka! The magnificent conference center at Ruka, part of Scandic Rukahovi (previously Hotel Cumulus Rukahovi/Rantasipi Rukahovi), offers excellent facilities for conferences with up to 260 delegates. All manner of business activities are catered for year round, from meetings, seminars and special events to outdoor adventure packages.

Ruka Conference Center

Ruka Conference Center » 

Kammi Wilderness Lodge

Situated by the Petäjälampi pond in the midst of Petäjävaara forest, Kammi is the perfect venue in which to enjoy outstanding cuisine in truly memorable surroundings. Described as the 'most romantic restaurant in the world', the main building is partly underground and the stunning rear façade is of rock. Hundreds of candles, a crackling hearth and rising smoke will surely kindle the mystical in you! Enjoy a snowmobile safari, take a smoke sauna followed by a winter swim in a hole bored through the ice, then settle down, relax and enjoy a sumptuous dinner before the open fire - our renowned spit-roasted reindeer is a particular favourite. An adjacent cabin can accommodate up to 40 guests and offers both smoke and tent saunas and, in a specially constructed lean-to, the opportunity to spend a night beneath the stars!

Restaurant Kammi

Kammi Wilderness Lodge »

Pohjanseita Wilderness Lodge

Arriving at the welcoming resort of Pohjanseita, you make an instant transition from the bustling world of airports to the mysticism of the Kuusamo wilderness. Powerful shamans enchant you with welcoming incantations whilst the whole resort, with its fires and sacrificial mounts, brims with Nordic mythology. The local area includes the Seita Forest Spa, where the true Finnish sauna culture can be experienced and at Pohjanseita you can spend the night in traditional lodgings which offer both comfort and excitement.

Restaurant Pohjanseita

Pohjanseita Wilderness Lodge »


Ruka offers a wide variety of accommodation », and Forum participants are pre-booked at Scandic Rukahovi »

How to get Ruka

Kuusamo Airport is a short 20 minutes from Ruka, and all connecting flights are operated by Finnair.

Alternatively, Oulu Airport is 3 hours away. Flights to Oulu Airport are operated by Finnair and Norwegian Airlines.

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