Ruka Info

Ruka Info

Every visit to Ruka and Kuusamo is the beginning of a new adventure, where unique experiences come to life to the rhythm of the changing seasons. Many who have experienced the magic of one winter or summer holiday here are already planning their next escape into Kuusamo’s thrilling wilderness. Find more: »


Ruka offers a variety of accommodation to suite all tastes and budgets. You can find more information via


Ruka is one of the biggest and most popular ski resorts in Finland, offering superb family holidays in winter and summer. Finland is mentioned on Lonely Planet's list of Best in Travel 2017 Top Countries especially for its 100 years of independence. Part of the celebration was the opening of the 40th national park Hossa in June 2017. Hossa National Park stretches through Kuusamo and Suomussalmi; Julma Ölkky canoyon lake is located in Kuusamo. More info:

Rafting Kitka river top Ruka Kuusamo

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There are several ways to get from Helsinki to Ruka, depending on how you wish to travel. Here you can find more info on how to get to Ruka.

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