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Safe environment for speakers and audience

Dear participant, here is some important data about the results obtained by the State of Pará in fighting the pandemic, and relevant information about the strict protocol established by the event’s organizers.

Covid-19 Bulletin - Belém

Last Tuesday (September 7th), Belém registered 19 cases of Covid-19 and 1 death in the last 7 days. The occupancy rate of clinical beds in the capital is 1.4%, while that of ICU beds is 3.1%. The latest Epidemiological Bulletin released by the Municipal Health Department shows that there was an 88.9% decrease in case notifications between January and July 2021, accompanied by an 84% decrease in deaths registered in the same period.

Did you know that the state of Pará is one of the most advanced in terms of vaccination and by the end of August, all adults over 18 years old should have taken at least the first shot? This is one of the many achievements achieved so far.

Read this page carefully and be assured: The World Bioeconomy Forum and the State of Pará will provide a safe environment for both speakers and audience.

Join us and contribute to a more sustainable world.

State of Pará: Acceleration in vaccine and drastic drop in contagion


As of 9 July, Pará applied 4,016,403 doses of the vaccine. That is, 68.18% of the population of Pará have already taken the first shot and 28.3% are fully immunized. The government of Pará will guarantee enough doses so that the entire population over 18 years old has been taken at least the first shot by the end of August.

Hospital beds

The state has 5,081 beds in the state public network, 1,041 being exclusive for covid-19. On 9 July, the bed occupancy rate was 58.4% in ICUs and 46.4% in clinical beds. Currently, 22 regional hospitals treat patients with the virus in all regions.

Fall in contagion

The COVID-19 moving average on 9 July 2021 was 33 cases, a 92% reduction compared to 14 days before when the moving average was 420 cases on 26 June. As for deaths, there was a 72% reduction in the moving average when compared to 14 days ago, that is, on July 9th, the moving average was 3 deaths. On June 26, the moving average of deaths by COVID-19 was 11 deaths/day.

Monitoring and control

The State Sanitary Surveillance works with municipalities, with inspection operations for establishments and services, implementation of sanitary barriers in municipalities bordering the region of Carajás and Araguaia, with neighboring states such as Maranhão, Tocantins and Mato Grosso. In addition, this July, there will be reinforcement of joint inspection actions in municipalities in beach areas, with the aim of reducing contagion.

Rigid Security Protocol

The protocols will respect the legislation in force in the State of Pará. The event will be held at Estação das Docas de Belém, whose auditorium holds 416 people, but entry will be allowed for less than 50% of the capacity, for up to 200 participants. This will be the number allowed for the Docas exhibition area, which has ample natural ventilation due to the large windows.

Another key point is the guarantee signed by the state government to vaccinate the entire adult population of Pará, aged 18 years and over, by the end of August.

Every day of the event, participants must take a PCR test to enter the event area. They will also receive an anti-covid kit with a mask and alcohol gel, as well as information on social distancing.

In case of a negative result, the participant will receive a bracelet attesting to the result. For those who are eventually identified as positive, they will be isolated (at the hotel or residence) and will have medical assistance provided by the organizers in case of need.

Participants’ badges will signal three different modalities through a “relationship sign”. Each one can choose one of the three modalities, if they are more, or less open to personal contact.

In the case of social events such as dinners, the maximum capacity of 50% of spaces will also be observed.

Each of the speakers will have their own microphone, which will be personal and non-transferable, and all rooms at the event will be periodically cleaned.

The protocols are valid for the main event and also for side events.