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Five Minutes with… Jukka Kantola

Jukka Kantola
Jukka Kantola is the founder of the World BioEconomy Forum. He has been known as an advocate for the circular bioeconomy for years, and as result he and his colleagues set up the World BioEconomy Forum in 2018. The Forum has solidified its position as one of the major thinktanks on the circular bioeconomy, with the Forum 2021 being taken to Brazil – World BioEconomy Forum goes to Brazil – live from Belém! 18 – 20 October 2021. We are excited to hear Jukka's thoughts on the upcoming Forum.

This is the first time the Forum has been held outside of Ruka in Finland, what is the significance of moving the event to a new location?

We have been considering this possibility since 2019, and I have already disclosed publicly that we are seeking other relevant locations in which to hold the event. Obviously last year was exceptional due to the pandemic when we decided to run the event on-line, but we have been preparing this move with the Advisory Board and our partners in Brazil since last Autumn. So now we are delighted to announce that the World BioEconomy Forum goes to Brazil – live from Belém.

All this is well in line with our thinking that there is no one-fit-all when it comes to the global bioeconomy. It is an important part of our mission to showcase of multiple bio economies on a global scale. Ruka and the boreal area of the northern hemisphere is now well known in the Circular Bioeconomy, now it is time to focus on other regions, and what could be more fitting than Belém, situated at the mouth of the great Amazon river.

Can you tell us more about why Belém been selected?

Belém is known as a gateway for the Amazon. All of us have a notion about the Amazon region. We would like to give the floor to high-level representatives from Belém to tell their narrative about what they are doing in the area of the Circular Bioeconomy. On the other hand the forum will offer the perfect opportunity for stakeholders of the circular economy from all over the world to have better understanding about the situation as it stands in Brazil.

We will again organise the program following the successful and proven agenda of The World BioEconomy Forum consisting of four pillars:

  • The Bioeconomy: People, Planet Policies
  • Global Leaders and the Financial World
  • Bioproducts around us
  • Looking to the Future

There will be high-level speakers and panellists from all over the world discussing these important topics which will also offer the Brazilian and other Latin American countries the perfect opportunity to learn about best practices of the Circular Bioeconomy.

What are your expectations for the event?

I’m excited. This will be a great journey and I’m very happy that the state of Pará will co-host this event with the World Bioeconomy Forum.  We are also very pleased to have powerful organising partners alongside with us, the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) and The Brazilian Agribusiness Association (ABAG). Together we have a strong team to provide our followers and supporters with an informative and memorable event. 

We are, of course, following developments of Covid-19 and are acting accordingly. The current plans include organising a hybrid event – so it is possible to attend the event in person, or by following the main parts of the program on-line. However, pandemic situation allowing – and as with all the most important events – the best atmosphere is when you actually get there and share with people, face to face. It would be great to see as many people from the circular bioeconomy forum as possible at our event in Brazil. 

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