Five Minutes With… Marc Engel

Marc Engel, Unilever’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, was awarded the World Bioeconomy Forum’s first Bio Person of the Year Award for efforts to completely eliminate deforestation in the company’s complex supply chains. WCBEF spoke to Marc about receiving the award:

What does winning the first Bio Person of the Year award mean to you and Unilever? 
Thank you so much for this, it is an honour to be nominated and receive WCBEF’s Bio Person of the year.
Unilever has a longstanding commitment to ending deforestation and to decarbonisation and we have a world-class supply chain team who work hard every day to make this a reality.
Rest assured that we will continue to fight climate change, decarbonise our supply
chain and ensure the regeneration of nature, which are different sides of the same
The World Bioeconomy Forum’s mission is to highlight all the incredibly important work going on in the global circular bioeconomy, what else – in your opinion – could be done to get more recognition for the sector? 
We need to continue to advocate for rapid decarbonisation and support sustainable
and circular bio-feedstocks which will play a part in achieving this goal.


What do you see as the main areas of focus in the circular bioeconomy for you and your company going forward?  
Taking carbon out of our businesses and out of the economy is absolutely crucial if
we’re going to have a shot at fighting the climate crisis. At Unilever we have committed to net zero emissions by 2039 and we know that transformation of our business, of the industry and of the economy is needed. We are resolute that our priority is to reduce our emissions in absolute terms. We recognise that this must be done in a circular way, leveraging many technologies and using renewable resources in our decarbonisation journey such as bio-based materials.

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