Five Minutes With… Teresa Presas

Teresa Presas
Teresa is a well-known consultant and strategic advisor for companies involved in the circular bioeconomy. With a particular knowledge of forestry and the pulp and paper industry, Teresa was a former Director General of the Confederation of European Paper Industries. and has held multiple roles within Tetra Pak. Among other things she is currently a board member of the Navigator company.

Four Pillars of Wisdom II: Global Leaders and the Financial World  

Continuing our series of discussions with the session heads at the World BioEconomy Forum, we speak to Forum Advisory Board member Teresa Presas. Teresa is head of the Global Leaders and the Financial World session and will be moderating the CEO Panel at the event in Brazil.

All industries and business, large and small, as well as financial institutions across the world, have a vital role to play in creating a circular bioeconomy. Can you comment on this?

Teresa Presas: The circular bioeconomy is certainly one of the most innovative when it comes to economic activity, addressing some crucial challenges of our times, such as climate change, efficient resource use, social development, energy transition. But no actor can succeed on its own. It seems obvious that only collaboration between the business, industrial and financial worlds has the capacity to bring a circular bioeconomy into reality. Value chains driven by focused business thinking, industry activities, and sustainable financing are a key element to deliver products and services that are solutions to a sustainable society.

It does seem that the message of environmental sustainability has firmly gotten through to the general public. In your opinion, how well is the commercial community responding to consumer demands, and what more can industries, companies and financial institutions do to make further progress?

Teresa Presas: Without acceptance by consumers and citizens there is not much sense in the effort to move the circular bioeconomy forward. Therefore, commercial activities must be transparent and clear about what they are offering and the benefits they bring. Communication from companies should adopt a language that addresses peoples’ understanding and beliefs, and make their audiences real partners in their willingness to act sustainably. The same approach goes to financial institutions in supporting business investments and the outcomes that ultimately will reach consumers and citizens.

You will be moderating the CEO panel in the Global Leaders and the Financial World session, what are you hoping to achieve from the discussions in Brazil?

Teresa Presas: We are in a critical transition moment towards a world that is more sensitive and open to real change. We believe strongly that establishing a circular bioeconomy has a key role in that transition and all actors have their part to play. Industry leaders have a particular responsibility as they are running companies and institutions that have the solutions. I do hope that our discussions will deliver a sharp and clear message by corporate leaders that they are committed to providing these solutions.

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