Sponsoring information

World BioEconomy Forum is an excellent opportunity to showcase companies engaged in the Circular Bioeconomy, and to reinforce their brands.

The forum will gather prominent stakeholders in the worldwide bioeconomy for roundtable talks and showcases of biodiversity in practice. Through the Forum, we aim to raise mankind’s awareness that social and economic development can be more sustainable; the utilisation of natural resources more efficient through the latest innovative developments taking place in the Circular Bioeconomy.

This kind of event relies on sponsors to reach its full potential, and we cordially invite interested parties to take up this important role.

We have several opportunities at your disposal.

You may become seasonal sponsor via seasonal packages. There we have various level for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze engagements.

For the events – there are opportunities to become Roundtable supporter or gaining visibility trough Forum packages.

With all these you will be part of the Circular Bioeconomy active stakeholders. 

Interested in sponsoring

For further information, please contact sales@wcbef.com