Ambassador José Carlos da Fonseca Junior, the new Institutional Director of IBA (Brazilian Tree Industry), has been a career diplomat for some 37 years. Currently, he is on leave of absence from the Brazilian foreign service. Throughout his career, he has held many postings abroad and within Brazil. A former Ambassador to Myanmar, he was also the Deputy Head of Mission in New Delhi, India, besides being posted twice in Washington,  DC, as well as in Ottawa, Maputo, Abu Dhabi, Santiago and Manila. Ambassador Fonseca has also been a Member of the Federal Parliament, representing his home state of Espírito Santo, where he has also served as State Secretary of Finance. At the Federal Government, in Brasilia, he has worked at the Foreign Ministry´s Trade Promotion Department and, twice, at the Ministry of Finance. From 2015 until December 2018, Ambassador Fonseca served as the Chief of Staff for then Governor of Espírito Santo State, Paulo Hartung, who just recently has become the IBA´s new CEO. At the invitation of Governor Hartung, Ambassador Fonseca joined IBA last March.