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Pramod Chaudhari

Pramod Chaudhari

Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Limited

Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, is Executive Chairman of Praj Industries Ltd. Praj Group is global provider of end-to-end Technology and Engineering solutions for Bio-Energy, Bio-Chemical and Bio-Pharma industry, with strong backing of world-class state-of-the-art R&D Centre called, Praj Matrix.

As a first generation techno-entrepreneur, he founded Praj in 1983.

He dreamt and developed Praj into a world-class engineering company specialized in Agri-processing opportunities. With strong belief in principle of triple bottom-line, his business model is inherently scalable, replicable and sustainable. Praj fostered the emergence of advanced technologies in certain Bio-Energy and allied space. As India’s biggest Biofuel Technology company, Praj has in excess of 750 footprints in over 75 countries, across five continents. Dr. Chaudhari is acclaimed as Ethanol Man in the industry networks.

Under his visionary leadership, Praj has successfully developed the technology for conversion of Cellulosic Biomass to 2nd Generation Renewable Fuels, BioGas and Renewable Chemicals & Materials. Praj is the only Indian Corporate to launch India’s first-of-its-kind Integrated Bio-refinery Demo and now executing three commercial plants for Indian OMCs. Globally, Praj is one of the handful of companies to achieve this feat. Praj has also set up first of its kind integrated demo plant of Compressed Bio Gas (CBG). Further, Praj is also engaged in design & deployment of Biojet fuel technology in collaboration with Gevo Inc, USA.

Deeply passionate about Bio-economy and Environment, Pramod is committed to develop clean and green technologies. As a champion of the powerful premise that 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship can change the world for better', he has been a tireless crusader in propagating spirit of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. His leadership and pioneering contribution towards building a bio-based economy is exemplary. His tireless efforts in environmental science, bio-refining and developing bio-based products that enhance rural economy are indeed remarkable and well appreciated.

He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School (AMP 1995).