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Valmir Ortega

Chief Executive Officer, Belterra Agroflorestas

Valmir Ortega is a geographer, has worked over 15 years in the public sector, having served as Environment Superintendent in Mato Grosso do Sul, Director of Ecosystems and Substitute President at IBAMA and State Secretary for the Environment in Pará. From these positions, he directed and implemented a wide range of public policies and government programs in the environmental area. He was also Director of the Cerrado-Pantanal Program and Senior Director of International Conservation Policy in Brazil – CI-Brazil, between 2010 and early 2013. In recent years he has worked primarily with non-governmental organizations, international foundations and cooperation agencies multilateral, in initiatives and projects related to the development of public policies and in the implementation of socio-environmental projects with communities and companies, in addition to actions to foster and promote sustainable production chains. In 2016, together with a network of social entrepreneurs, he co-founded CONEXSUS-Instituto Conexões Sustentáveis – He is currently Executive Director of Impacto PLUS and founder of Belterra Agroflorestas –

Forum Speaker 2021