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World BioEconomy Circle

World BioEconomy Circle

The World BioEconomy Circle (WBC) unites the global bioeconomy community to foster sustainable economic growth and advance the transition to a circular bioeconomy. Our membership includes a diverse range of stakeholders, including business leaders, academics, government officials, NGOs, and civil society representatives, all committed to driving progress in the bioeconomy.

As a member of WBC, you will have access to an engaged community of experts and peers, as well as exclusive content, events, and opportunities to collaborate on initiatives and projects. You will also have the chance to contribute to shaping the future of the bioeconomy through our working groups and research projects.

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Benefits of joining the World BioEconomy Circle

Demonstrate your leadership and forward-thinking in the circular bioeconomy by being part of the global voice of the bioeconomy. As a member of the World BioEconomy Circle, you will be privy to various benefits including:

  • Access to a global network of circular bioeconomy stakeholders, providing you with the latest trends and business models in the industry.
  • Assisting you in building a sustainable approach for the circular bioeconomy.
  • Participating in policy developments and influence the framework conditions for the circular bioeconomy through the Forum’s annual Declaration.
  • Developing resources and capacity to successfully integrate circular bioeconomy
  • Collaborating with the existing circle members located across the globe representing multiple advanced bioeconomy stakeholders to develop and scale-up solutions to the circular bioeconomy
  • Joining the World BioEconomy Circle will also enable you to profile your interest and reputation in the circular bioeconomy

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