World BioEconomy Forum goes to the USA – live from Washington D.C.!

Creating a global hub for the bioeconomy

On 12 December 2023 • Hybrid Event

The significance of the bioeconomy is on the rise. The bioeconomy is gaining ever-greater importance, not only as a source of solutions to humanity’s challenges but also as a prominent component of the global economy. It is worth noting that the bioeconomy and biotechnology are catalysing the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the ‘bio revolution’ – and it is rapidly approaching our doorstep. These compelling reasons emphasise the need for a discussion on these matters.

The 6th World BioEconomy Forum

In response to the growing significance of the bioeconomy, the 6th World BioEconomy Forum is set to convene in Washington D.C., showcasing the latest global trends in the bioeconomy and highlighting the dynamic initiatives of both the USA and Finland. Notably, both countries recently renewed their bioeconomy strategies, demonstrating their commitment to this vital field.

The programme continues to adhere to the four-pillar structure, encapsulating the essence of the Bioeconomy in the year 2023. The annual Forum will be arranged in collaboration with the Finnish Embassy to the USA.

Background for the Forum 2023

Throughout the year 2023, we sought your insights on the proposition of a global hub for the bioeconomy. On February 15th, we launched a digital survey on this topic, inviting bioeconomy interest groups from around the world to participate.

The survey remains open until the end of September 2023, and the results will be unveiled during the annual Forum on December 12, 2023.

Bioeconomy, also known as the bio-based economy, encompasses economic activities that utilize biomass and biotechnology in the production of goods, services, or energy.

The proliferation of bioeconomy strategies is remarkable, with nearly 60 national biostrategies in existence today, complemented by numerous regional counterparts who have also formed their respective biostrategies.

Additionally, aggregated biostrategies, such as those of the EU or the East African Union, further underline the importance of this sector. Updates on these biostrategies will be presented in the annual Forum’s pillar, ‘The BioEconomy: People, Planet, Policies’.

Given the ever-increasing economic value of the bioeconomy, the section ‘Corporate Leaders and the Financial World’ will explore the potential of the circular bioeconomy and the programs offered within this space.

The ‘Bioproducts Around Us’ pillar takes centre stage this year, with discussions spanning AI-assisted biotechnology and bioresource-based value chains. We recognize the multifaceted roles of bioresources and aim to shed light on their significance.

The ‘Looking to the Future’ pillar aligns with the 2023 theme, ‘Creating a Global Hub for the Bioeconomy.’ In addition to presenting the survey results, we will provide insights into ongoing initiatives within this sphere.

As is customary, the 2023 season will culminate in the annual Declaration, encapsulating the essence of Bioeconomy Year 2023. Join us for this unmissable event!

A status of the global bioeconomy

The bioeconomy visions

Bioeconomy visions variates from region to region. Also the sector included in the bieconomy are not the same. We are recognizing these difference and in the Forum 2023 we bring up difference on approach and what we can learn from these.

A biotechnology vision emphasises the importance of bio-technology research and application and commercialisation of biotechnology in different sectors.

A bioresource vision focuses on the role of research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) related to biological raw materials in sectors such as agriculture, marine, forestry, and bioenergy, as well as on the establishment of new value chains. Whereas the bio-technology vision takes a point of departure in the potential applicability of science, the bio-resource vision emphasises the potentials in upgrading and conversion of the biological raw materials.

A bioecology vision highlights the importance of ecological processes that optimise the use of energy and nutrients, promote biodiversity, and avoid monocultures and soil degradation. While the previous two visions are technology-focused and give a central role to RD & D in globalised systems, this vision emphasises the potential for regionally concentrated circular and integrated processes and systems.

Programme will follow the Four-Pillar Structure

Session 1 Regulators and climate change

The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies

Session 2 Global Leaders and Financial World

Corporate Leaders and the Financial World

Session 3 Bioproducts around us

Bioproducts around us

Session 4 Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future


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World BioEconomy Forum goes to the USA​

live from Washington D.C. on 12 December 2023 • Hybrid Event​
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