Strategic statements

  1. We seek opportunities to supersede a fossil-based, non-renewable society with bio-based applications.

  2. Climate change is real. We keep on target to mitigate climate change.

  3. Bio-based feedstock preference is with materials and value-added chemicals.

  4. A sustainable and circular economy is a vital part of the bioeconomy.

  5. Holistic and cascading use of feedstock and responsible innovations save our planet.

  6. There is no one-fit-all bioeconomy, but we respect bioeconomies adapting to local needs based on sustainable use.

How do we operate?


We organise round table discussions with circular bioeconomy stakeholders. The main event is the annual World Bioeconomy Forum, which is arranged in September each year, however,  besides the annual Forum we also produce other online events following the themes of the World BioEconomy Forum.

Information channel and engagement

We offer an information channel for bioeconomy stakeholders to disseminate topical news, issues and events. This is part of our ongoing plans to provide a comprehensive platform to engage, collaborate and share knowledge.

Influencing policy makers

We invite policy makers to join our events to communicate their circular bioeconomy agendas and provide their inputs on regulatory framing.