Beyond Borders: Ignite, Innovate, and Inspire with the World Bioeconomy Association!

The World BioEconomy Forum is a global platform for circular bioeconomy stakeholders to share ideas and promote bio-based solutions covering bioresource, biotechnolgy and bioecology visions. We are fully committed to sustainability across the board and believe that climate change is real. As there is no one-size-fits-all bioeconomy, we evaluate the status of the circular bioeconomy with the Four-Pillar Structure. All our programmes and other activities are based on the Four-Pillar Structure.

Session 1 Regulators and climate change

The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies

Session 2 Global Leaders and Financial World

Corporate Leaders and the Financial World

Session 3 Bioproducts around us

Bioproducts around us

Session 4 Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future

In 2024, the World BioEconomy Forum is aligning its theme with that of the World Bioeconomy Association: “Beyond Borders: Ignite, Innovate, and Inspire with the World Bioeconomy Association! Advocating for Change.” 

This underscores the Forum’s commitment to supporting the newly established World Bioeconomy Association, dedicated to overcoming obstacles and catalysing positive transformations in the bioeconomy sector.

The World Bioeconomy Association, operating as a non-profit organization, champions collaboration and advocacy for sustainability and progress in the global bioeconomy arena. 

Through fostering dialogue and fostering innovative solutions, it promotes policies and practices aimed at advancing sustainable bioeconomy development. 

By inspiring stakeholders to pioneer new approaches and exchange best practices, it strives to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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World Bioeconomy Forum goes to the USA
– live from Washington D.C!

Creating a global hub for the bioeconomy • 12 December 2023 • Hybrid event

The 6th World BioEconomy Forum, held at the Embassy of Finland in the U.S., concluded its annual event with a focus on the escalating significance of the bioeconomy. 

The Forum highlighted key trends and initiatives, exemplifying the latest bioeconomy strategies like in the USA, the EU, India, Brazil, Finland and Ireland.

Under the theme ‘Creating a Global Hub for the Bioeconomy‘ the event utilised the Four-Pillar structure to assess the circular bioeconomy’s status.

The Forum attracted 40 expert speakers to share their thoughts on the bioeconomy ensuring a balanced overview of fresh developments. In the policy session we heard like Brazil is raising the stakes on the bioeconomy with its intention to release a national bioeconomy strategy next year and keeping the bioeconomy in the G20 agenda. Biotechnology is also gaining growing interest and the USA is on the frontline of these developments. Notably, the panel “Biotechology – a game changer?” featured in-depth discussions that reflected the enthusiasm of community members, spanning industry, academia, and organisations, all exploring the prospects of the biotech future.

Key highlights

World BioEconomy Forum Awards

Recognising outstanding contributions, awards were presented to India (Bio Act), Fibenol‘s LIGNOVA™ (Bioproduct), President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Bio Person) and Solar Foods (Start-up).

Declaration 2023

Addressed dynamic global bioeconomy growth in terms of a solution source for humankind and the ever-increasing importance of international collaboration and in terms of its growing economic value.

Results of the global hub for the bioeconomy

Results of the global hub for the bioeconomy were presented displaying expectations of the bioeconomy society. A clear majority sees that a bioeconomy hub would be best to be arranged around collaboration and partnership.

World BioEconomy Association

The World BioEconomy Association was presented. It is a very first global non-profit association focusing on advancing bioeconomy holistically covering various bioeconomy visions – Bioresource, Biotechnology and Bioecology.

The discussions regarding the Itse Forum 2024 are underway. We have emphasised the importance of the bioeconomy towards the EU, as this is crucial since the bioeconomy is clearly gaining prominence elsewhere as well. The EU is not alone in the field of bioeconomy. We got a some notions of this, for example, in weeks 48 and 49 when we participated in several meetings in Brussels. The EU has the opportunity in the coming year to more strongly highlight bioeconomy on the agenda of the upcoming EU Commission if desired. There are signs that investments by others in bioeconomy are only increasing. Brazil is set to bring bioeconomy to the G20 agenda, and there are indications that bioeconomy topics could also appear on the G7 agenda.

You may also find the publication of the year 2023 and some photos of the Conference 2023.

World BioEconomy Forum goes to the USA​

live from Washington D.C. 12 December 2023 • Hybrid Event​

Biorefineries and emerging bioproducts

There is an old proverb “what gets measured, will get done.” This is also the case in the bioeconomy. World BioEconomy Forum has launched a new digital portal called displaying biorefineries and emerging bioproducts. A software allowing you to better navigate this topic.

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