The BioEconomy celebrates Nature

The World BioEconomy Forum is a global platform for circular bioeconomy stakeholders to share ideas and promote bio-based solutions. We are fully committed to sustainability across the board and believe that climate change is real. As there is no one-size-fits-all bioeconomy, we have created a new tool to evaluate the status of the circular bioeconomy – the Four-Pillar Structure.

Session 1 Regulators and climate change

The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies

Session 2 Global Leaders and Financial World

Corporate Leaders and the Financial World

Session 3 Bioproducts around us

Bioproducts around us

Session 4 Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future

World BioEconomy Forum Events

We organize events throughout the year both online and on-site. Read more about our events below!

World BioEconomy Forum 2021

Live from Belém, Brazil 18–20 October 2021

World BioEconomy Roundtables

Hard talk – Easy Access – Relaxed Environment. Online.

World BioEconomy Declarations

At the end of our annual Forum, we publish our declaration regarding the circular bioeconomy and climate change. You can find our latest declaration here.