World BioEconomy Forum goes to Brazil – live from Belém!

18–20 October 2021

The World BioEconomy Forum is a global platform for circular bioeconomy stakeholders to share ideas and promote bio-based solutions. We are fully committed to sustainability across the board and believe that climate change is real. As there is no one-size-fits-all bioeconomy, we have created a new tool to evaluate the status of the circular bioeconomy – the Four-Pillar Structure.

The Forum 2021 was concluded in Belém with the Declaration performed with a Brazilian flavour. Fafá de Belém and Dona Onete announced the Declaration with the rhythm of carimbo.

One of the major results of the Forum 2021 was that the first Biostrategy was published in Brazil. The state of the Para announced its biostrategy. As it was said many times in the Forum – the bioeconomy won’t be the same in Brazil or in Latin America after the Forum.

Belém Forum 2021 Declaration
Forum 2021

World BioEconomy Forum goes to Brazil – live from Belém!

Live from Belém 18–20 October 2021

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There is no one-size-fits all bioeconomy, but several bioeconomies based on their own strengths. That is one of the key reasons we will be heading to Brazil for the World BioEconomy Forum 2021. The Forum will be held in Belém, the capital of the state of Pará. The location is at the mouth of the Amazon River – again at the heart of a particularly important ecosystem. The World BioEconomy Forum would like to present Belém and the state of Pará as a real hot spot of the circular bioeconomy in 2021, and share its narrative with the global circular bioeconomy society. Walking the talk – we can learn from Brazil and the Amazon region at the same time as sharing our lessons from the other parts of the world. 

The Forum is co-hosted by the state of Pará with partners the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (ABAG) and The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá). Together we will offer an unmissable event.

To jump into the themes of the event, take a look at the video below to hear what was said about the bioeconomy and the Amazon at our latest Roundtable discussion!


Day I

18 October 2021

The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies


Global Leaders and Financial World

Get together dinner

Hosted by the State of Pará

Day II

19 October 2021

Bioproducts around us


Looking to the Future​

Gala dinner

Annual awards


20 October 2021


for in-person participants

Declaration of the Forum 2021


Press conference

Latest speakers published

Arturo Luna

Dr. Arturo Luna

Coordinator of the Colombia BIO Program at the Colombian Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation

Zulay Poggi

Zulay Poggi

Professor in Innovation, Universidad Central de Venezuela

As always, the programme will end with the joint declaration

The World Bioeconomy Forum 2021 will be a hybrid event. We all are looking forward to the time when the pandemic no longer effects our hugely popular onsite event, but in the meantime we are also making preparations for an online event which will still come to you live from Belém.  

You are warmly welcome to Belém, Brazil! Onsite or online – we will be live and the Forum will take place as usual.

The Launch Event was held jointly in Belém, Brazil and Helsinki, Finland. In the event the organiser, host and partners deliver their greetings, followed by prestigious keynote speakers from Brazil including Nobel Laureate Dr. Carlos Nobre. 

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