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World Bioproduct Day

We at the World BioEconomy Forum have chosen to take time to reflect on the role and importance of bio-based products in superseding non-renewable options. Through the adoption of more bio-based materials we can move towards solutions that are more sustainable and healthier for us and the planet by stepping away from fossil fuel feedstocks.

Every single one of you has come across a bioproduct. Whether it be: reading about one, owning one, or contributing to the formation of one. It may be as simple as a wooden chair or more complex such as a bio-based chemical you have encountered. The possibilities of bioproducts are endless. Bioproducts are now emerging faster than ever, and they are all around us.

We are launching a new campaign called “Bioproduct Day” on 7 July in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of bioproducts around us, and how they contribute to the larger goal of environmental sustainability and climate action.

We ask you all to share your experience and story on bioproducts by posting a photo or a video of a bioproduct whether it be yours or your company’s, whoever it may be.  We ask you to share your post via LinkedIn or Twitter with the accompanying hashtag, “#bioproductday”.

We will showcase and share your posts on our social media channels, so we hope all of you will participate and join us on placing a spotlight on the benefits of bioproducts to the future of the earth, to the future of our home.

Our team will select the three most impressive posts we believe capture the essence of Bioproduct Day in their post(s). The winners will each win a free 3-day ticket to the World BioEconomy Forum 2021 event. So, participate now & get your posts online in order to get the chance to win a ticket to our much-awaited Forum this year!