The Four-Pillar Structure

The World Bioeconomy Forum’s activities and events are arranged according the Four-Pillar Structure

I The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies
II Global Leaders and the Financial World
III Bioproducts Around Us
IV Looking to the Future

The Four-Pillar Structure enables the complete evaluation of the status of the circular bioeconomy and in doing so, facilitates developments across the entire sector. This makes the Forum and its activities powerful and effective in terms of facilitating a holistic bioeconomy and making significant joint efforts in the mitigation of climate change.

All Forum programmes and activities are aligned with the Four-Pillar Structure, including all Roundtables and the annual Declaration. This four-pillar structure ensures that all relevant stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy have a voice and a platform.

Four-Pillar Structure

To explain and foster the circular bioeconomy

Four Pillar Structure