Awards 2023

What are the World Bioeconomy Forum Awards?

The World BioEconomy Forum promotes the incredible work ongoing in the circular bioeconomy to fight climate change and create a carbon neutral world. The awards recognise companies, products and people whose contribution created a remarkable impact on the global circular bioeconomy and climate change mitigation.

The recognition process

Awards were presented at the annual Forum on 12 Decenmber 2023. Winners are selected by the Advisory Board of the World BioEconomy Forum.


Bio Act of the year 2023

Forerunner in the bioeconomy

India’s bioeconomy is on the rise, aligning with the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign. Led by the Ministry of Petroleum&Natural Gas (MOPNG) and the Department of Biotechnology/Ministry of Science&Technology (MST) with support of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the focus is on biopharma and biotechnology to reduce energy dependence.

The 2021–2025 strategy aims to make India a global biomanufacturing hub, projecting a valuation exceeding $100 billion in 2023 and anticipating a doubling by 2030. The biopharma industry’s growth during the pandemic is a key driver. In 2023, India elevated the bioeconomy on the G20 agenda and introduced the Global Biofuels Alliance with 8 countries.

The Bio Act of the Year for 2023 was awarded to the most remarkable contribution during 2022 related to the circular bioeconomy and climate change mitigation. The Advisory Board considered contributions made by organisations, groups and other entities which facilitate the circular bioeconomy, or mitigate climate change.

Bio Act of the year 2023​

Bioproduct of the year 2023

Lignin product created by Fibenol

Fibenol, a leading 100% private equity-based company, specialises in creating sustainable biomaterials from renewable secondary-use biomass. Collaborating with forward-thinking businesses, Fibenol supplies biomaterials like LIGNOVA™ Crude, a hydrolysis lignin product with versatile applications, from plywood adhesives to thermosetting materials. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in the mild extraction process, free from sulfuric smell.

Fibenol’s LIGNOVA™ Pure takes purity and functionality to new heights by removing cellulosic residues. This higher purity variant finds applications in demanding industries, such as polyurethane, carbon fibers, and specialty PF resins. Fibenol’s dedication to excellence and innovation shines through in their pioneering biomaterials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

The Bioproduct of the Year for 2023 was awarded to the most remarkable product related to the circular bioeconomy and climate change mitigation. The Advisory Board considered the novelty and innovativeness of the bioproduct.

Bioproduct of the year 2022​

Bio Person of the year 2023

President of Brazil

Since taking office, President Lula has made the bioeconomy a central focus of Brazil’s government agenda. At COP27 in Egypt, he unveiled a bold plan to build an economy centered around standing forests, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Last August, an Amazonian summit addressed reforestation, resulting in a substantial 60–70% decrease compared to the previous year.

President Lula restructured his government, introducing the Bioeconomy Secretary, highlighting a strategic commitment to innovation and sustainability. This approach reflects Brasil’s dedication to balancing economic development with environmental conservation. President Lula’s leadership positions Brazil as an active participant in global environmental initiatives, emphasising a comprehensive approach to bioeconomy and environmental stewardship.

The Bio Person of the Year for 2023 was awarded to an important person within the circular bioeconomy and climate change mitigation. The Advisory Board considered the recognised impact of this individual for the circular bioeconomy and mitigating climate change.

Bio Person of the year 2022​

Start-up of the year 2023

Food out of thin air

Finnish food-tech start-up Solar Foods, founded in 2017, is piloting a novel technology. It uses electricity to produce hydrogen, combining it with CO2, water, vitamins, and minerals to create a microbial biomass – an edible protein source.

The company aims to optimise Solein production, a protein powder for diverse food applications, and plans to license the innovative technology. Solein’s mild flavor enhances its versatility in food product integration.

The Start-up of the Year award for 2023 was awarded to a startup for contributions to the circular bioeconomy and climate change mitigation via their company. The judges considered the recognised impact of the start-up for the circular bio-economy and climate change.

Start-up of the year 2022​