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About us


A global communication platform of the circular bioeconomy – gathering prominent stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy for roundtable talks.


Walking the talk – showcasing biodiversity in practice, with different views on bioeconomy, feedstocks, climate change, bioproducts, policies and versatile interest groups.

The Four-Pillar Structure

The Forum strictly operates under the Four-Pillar Structure:

  1. The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies
  2. Global Leaders and the Financial World
  3. Bioproducts Around Us
  4. Looking to the Future.

Using the Four-Pillar Structure enables the complete evaluation of the status of the circular bioeconomy and thereby facilitates developments across the whole of the sector. This makes the Forum and its activities extremely powerful and effective, enabling the facilitating of a holistic bioeconomy and thus making significant conjoined efforts in the mitigation of climate change.

All Forum programs and activities are aligned with the Four-Pillar Structure, including all Roundtables and the annual Declaration. This four-pillar structure ensures that all relevant stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy have a voice and a platform.


The Bioeconomy in action: The annual Forums are arranged in various locations around the world, focusing on successful circular bioeconomy examples for global awareness. The very first event was arranged in Ruka, northern Finland.

Basic rotation – every second year Forums will be arranged in the Northern hemisphere and every second year in the Southern hemisphere.


In addition to the annual Forums we arrange online events – World BioEconomy Forum Roundtables. In the Roundtable we focus on one pillar per time.


A chance to shape the future of the evolving Bioeconomy: the opportunity to work together now and take actions to set a wider example on how to deliver a sustainable future.


Each Forum will be ended up with the Declaration. By Declaration World Bioeconomy Forum is speaking to various stakeholders of the sector to enhance progress of the Circular Bioeconomy.

Advisory Board

Comprising bio think tanks, bio and forest industry and regulators who will frame the debate and ensure an insightful dialog between audience and panellists.

Target audience

Bioeconomy stakeholders: Policy makers, Bio-based industries, Forest industry, Chemical industry, Associations, Institutes.

World BioEconomy News

World BioEconomy News is a two-part service which includes a mobile application for circular bioeconomy news directly to your pocket, and a rolling daily news service available on the Forum website. World BioEconomy News focuses on the latest news and developments surrounding the bioeconomy respective to the World BioEconomy Forum’s four focus areas. .

World BioEconomy Circle

The World BioEconomy Forum is offering a global platform for circular bioeconomy stakeholders to join for the World BioEconomy Circle. This community provides ever growing network for the stakeholders to get engaged with the latest developments of the circular bioeconomy via Forum events and other activities