The World BioEconomy Forum Launches 2021 Event – To be held in Belém, Brazil 18-20 October, 2021

The World BioEconomy Forum 2021 was officially launched today at simultaneous events held at the Brazilian embassy in Helsinki, Finland, and at the government buildings in Belém, capital of the Pará state, northern Brazil.

The Launch event was co-organised with the host of the forum 2021 – the state of Pará and official Partners ABAG and Ibá. The launch event was held to officially highlight the Forum for 2021 which will be held in Belém from 18 – 20 October 2021.

The city is located in the Amazon region of Brazil and will give the Forum the opportunity to highlight the region as of fundamental importance to the global circular bioeconomy. The event will bring together high-level speakers and experts from around the world highlighting Belém and the Amazon region for essential debate on sustainable development.

Governor Helder Barbalho believes that the Forum is an important platform in the production of knowledge, which can generate guiding ideas for the state bioeconomy “For the State of Pará, the holding of the World BioEconomy Forum is an opportunity to show the world our capabilities and the importance of respecting the forest in order to build a sustainable economy. For this reason, the World BioEconomy Forum meets our objectives in addressing the environmental issues in the state”, adds the governor.

One of the key-note speakers at the launch was Dr. Carlos Nobre, Climate Scientist and Nobel Laureate, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.  Nobre said of the Forum being held in Belém: “I do believe that the event will be very important to demonstrate the enormous potential of a circular bioeconomy also for tropical countries such as Brazil. That would be fundamental to reduce deforestation rates and the risk of climate change. Also, the circular bioeconomy for tropical countries must develop modern technologies for adding value to forest products bringing well-being to local populations.”

Jukka Kantola, Founder and President of the World BioEconomy Forum, is delighted with the progress so far, saying, “After our announcement that the Forum will be held in Brazil this year, we have received a lot of interest from all over the world. The overall consensus indicates that this is the right time to hold our event in Latin America. We have begun joint efforts on various activities to ensure the interest of a global audience. We are really looking forward to going to Brazil to learn about how the circular bioeconomy is being addressed in the region. The Forum will be a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and strategies and have an open dialogue on the many issues that will be raised.”

Marcello Brito, President of ABAG’s Board of Directors, emphasizes “The World BioEconomy Forum to be held in Brazil is a great opportunity for discussing new development models for the agribusiness and the industry in the country. Even more relevant is that it will take place in Belém, the city known as the gateway to the Amazon. Only by combining the bioeconomy applied to standing forest and the one practiced in the consolidated sectors of the economy, we will find the ideal and sustainable model to be applied to the largest and most important tropical forest in the world”.

Paulo Hartung, President of Ibá (Brazilian Tree Industry), notes “Hosting the first edition of the World BioEconomy Forum is a milestone for Brazil and proves that the country has green potential. Transforming this potential into reality and having this discussion in the heart of the Amazon can drive this new economy. In fact, we already have many examples of chains that are fully part of the bioeconomy, such as the food, pharmaceutical, biofuel, and planted tree industries. This movement has been growing in reaction to the demands of an active society that is looking for sustainability in all aspects. Brazil has the capacity to lead this green recovery, which will be beneficial for Brazilians, generating opportunities and income, as well as for the sustainable future of the planet. We all need to come together in this movement.”

The World BioEconomy Forum will be held in the prestigious Hangar Convention and Fair Center of the Amazon, the major conference center in the Amazon area.

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