World BioEconomy Forum talks on climate – live from Ruka!

The World BioEconomy Forum’s fifth season, 2022, was concluded 7–8 September 2022. This season the theme was centred around World BioEconomy Forum - talks on climate.

The Forum attracted over 50 top speakers on the theme to exchange their views on the role of the bioeconomy in relation to climate change mitigation. Speakers and panellists included influencers from the policy sector and senior business leaders from a total of 25 countries.

Minister Mika Lintilä from the Finnish government emphasised the importance of renewable resources to achieve an economic green transition: “Innovative bioeconomy, including sustainable forestry and agriculture, offers an important element for the overall solution in this regard. Thanks to the rich renewable natural resources, outstanding expertise and industrial strengths, Finland has been steadily evolving into a major bioeconomy.”

In the business session, Corporate Leaders and the Financial World, Sappi CEO Marco Eikelenboom reminded the delegates of the Forum: “These are incredibly dynamic and exciting times, however the challenges we face as individuals and as companies (no matter the industry!) all currently face can also be seen as huge opportunities to develop further and faster than ever before. We now have a greater awareness of the global value we can collectively create to build a thriving world. More attention and pressure are required to get there, but this is a journey and certainly Sappi is committed and firmly on the road.”

Founder of the World BioEconomy Forum Jukka Kantola was pleased with the outcome of the Forum saying “This was the fifth season of the Forum gathering some of the most topical stakeholders of the circular bioeconomy around the same table. We had incredibly vivid discussions during these two days and have learnt a lot. The message is clear, the bioeconomy is vital part of climate change mitigation”. 

Major lessons of the entire season were compressed in the annual declaration, which was this time performed with the help of Finnish Rock legend, Remu Aaltonen. The aim of the Declaration this year concerns the main issue of getting bioproducts acknowledged as an additional tool in climate change mitigation.

During the conference, the Forum also recognised people, companies, and events in the bioeconomy in 2022 in four categories: Start up, BioAct, Bioproduct and Bio Person of the year. This time the Bio Person recognition was granted to the Secretary General of the WMO, Petteri Taalas. In his role at the WMO Taalas has been consistent in identifying the major contributors of global warming by highlighting the importance of reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The Forum believes that this stance also paves the way for bio-based solutions.

Petteri Taalas states: “Bioeconomy offers opportunities for both climate mitigation and adaptation. The sustainable use of forest resources is important for the economy, employment and as a carbon sink. The main global challenge is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Second most important issue is to stop deforestation of non-renewable tropical forests.”

The Forum 2022 was held as an online event and the programme is organised according to the Four-Pillar Structure.

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Jukka Kantola
+358 40 552 8880

The Four-Pillar Structure of the World BioEconomy Forum

The Forum operates under a strict, Four-Pillar Structure:
I The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies
II Global Leaders and the Financial World
III Bioproducts Around Us

IV Looking to the Future

Using the Four-Pillar Structure enables the complete evaluation of the status of the circular bioeconomy and so facilitates developments across the whole of the sector. This makes the Forum and its activities extremely powerful and effective, facilitating a holistic bioeconomy and making significant joint efforts in the mitigation of climate change.

All Forum programmes and activities are aligned with the Four-Pillar Structure, including all Roundtables and the annual Declaration. This four-pillar structure ensures that all relevant stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy have a voice and a platform.


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