The World BioEconomy Forum launches world’s first news app for the global circular bioeconomy

22 June 2021 – The World BioEconomy Forum has launched the world’s first breaking news app for global stakeholders operating in the circular bioeconomy.  The app, which is available for both Android and IOS devices, will alert users to the very latest breaking news and developments taking place in the rapidly growing sector. 

The circular bioeconomy is increasingly being seen as pivotal concept for the mitigation of climate change, as well as a way to conserve the planet’s vital raw materials. The concept encourages the use of products and services that utilize renewable resources as their base for production and operation, as well as encouraging recycling and reuse wherever possible.     

“We are really excited about our new app,” says Jukka Kantola, Founder of the World BioEconomy Forum. “It will allow us to further develop our platform for information sharing in the circular bioeconomy sector. Already our events – including regular Roundtables, our annual Forum, monthly newsletters and bulletins – are proving very popular with stakeholders operating in the circular bioeconomy sector. The breaking news app adds a further dimension to the important information we are sharing and providing.” 

The app will cover all the latest news emerging from the global circular bioeconomy, and importantly will fit into the World BioEconomy Forum’s four thematic pillars of; People, Planet, Policies; Global Leaders and the Financial World; Bioproducts Around Us and Looking to the Future.       

The app is available for download from the Apple App Store for IOS and for android devices by searching for World BioEconomy News. Companies, entities and individuals operating in the circular bioeconomy can send their latest news for publishing to

The launch of the app comes hot on the heels of another World BioEconomy Forum launch just last week of World Bioproduct Day, a campaign to enhance and increase awareness of the importance of the use bio-based products for the protection of the planet.     

The next World BioEconomy Forum will be held in partnership with the state of Pará, and major bioeconomy associations in Brazil, ABAG and Ibá.  The Forum 2021 will be held in the recently developed and renovated riverside venue Estação das Docas in Belém. The city has been recognized as a Creative City of Gastronomy by Unesco.


More information:         Jukka Kantola

+358 40 552 88






FORUM 2021 arrangements 


About the World Bioeconomy Forum 

The World BioEconomy Forum is a platform for key stakeholders of the Circular Bioeconomy to share ideas and promote bio-based responsible innovations to replace and supersede non-renewable based industries, products and services to achieve a more sustainable economy while mitigating climate change.  


About the State of the Pará (hosting the event)

Pará has 144 municipalities, with a population of 8.6 million inhabitants (IBGE, 2018) distributed over an area of ​​more than 1,245,870.798 km². The state stands out as the largest consumer market and the largest economy in the Amazon and the northern region of Brazil, contributing 2.2% of the national GDP and 43.5% of the GDP of the Northern Region, results that position the Pará economy as the 12th largest economy in Brazil.


About ABAG (organising partner)

The Brazilian Association of Agribusiness (ABAG) was founded in 1993 with the purpose of helping Brazilian agribusiness in the process of sustainable development, engaging the sector and stakeholders of the industry both in Brazil and abroad.  The association plays an important role promoting and strengthening the agro industrial system and its relationships with governments, private sector, class entities and education institutions.  ABAG is the only association that congregates all the players of the segment, from the field to the industry, distribution and services.


About Ibá (organising partner)

The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) is the association responsible for institutional representation of the planted tree production chain, from the fields to the factory. In order to promote products derived from pine, eucalyptus, and other species that are directed toward industrial purposes, Ibá works to defend the interests of the sector to officials and government agencies, entities from the planted tree production chain, and significant sectors of the economy, social and environmental organizations, universities, schools, consumers, and the press – in Brazil as well as abroad.


About World Bioeconomy News


World BioEconomy News is a two-part service which includes a monthly news bulletin email sent to our subscribers and a rolling daily news service available on the Forum website. The World BioEconomy News focuses on the latest news and developments surrounding the bioeconomy respective to the World BioEconomy Forum’s four thematic sessions.


Belém as a Creative City of Gastronomy

The World BioEconomy Forum 2021 will take place in Belém, Brazil, a city that features not only a stunning bioeconomy, but also a culinary culture which draws from the unique flora and fauna in the region. Belém has been recognized as a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, due to both the unique cuisine within the region, but also for their efforts to consider sustainability, biodiversity, and cultural aspects of cuisine within the city. As part of their efforts, Belém has established the Global Centre on Gastronomy and Biodiversity, an initiative to create a cluster for food technology and innovation. Regional cuisine includes for example seafood, açaí, and pupunha.



World BioEconomy Forum – Fact sheet


The World BioEconomy Forum has become a key community for promoting the means of circular biotechnology and at the same time curbing climate change. The first Forum attracted delegates from 18 different countries, and last year already from 51 different countries This year’s main event will be held in Brazil: The World BioEconomy Forum goes to Brazil – live from Belém! 18-20 October 2021 


Our programme is built around four focus areas, as different stakeholders are addressed with different themes. Our priorities are:

  • The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies 
  • Global Leaders and Financial World 
  • Bioproducts around us 
  • Looking to the Future 


With these, our suggestions for action are communicated to all stakeholders in society. Each Forum ends with a joint declaration – last year it was done in a very memorable way, it also supports cultural communication.

In addition to the Forum, we will be holding World BioEconomy Roundtable discussions – the most recent was held on May 18, 2021 

We are constantly creating new ways to promote the circular bioeconomy – we have launched e.g. the new World BioEconomy News service, for which a mobile version is already underway. This will be the first global service of its kind for the sector. 

We have also launched a membership programme for interested parties – World BioEconomy Circle. The site was opened during the end of April 2021 and we immediately gained notable members. New members are also coming soon

To increase awareness about the bioeconomy and its bio-based products we have launched World Bioproduct Day, which will be held on 7 July. We are looking for people, companies, institutes or any other organizations to share their story on bioproducts with #bioproductday.

We also think it is important to have an online store to help circular bioeconomy society to find sector related products in one site. That is why we have introduced the World BioEconomy Shop, which is a marketplace not only for World BioEconomy Forum’s own products and services, but also for stakeholders related to this sector. 


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